12 magic way to win many followers and increase the interaction on your Facebook posts .. Learn about it 
12 magic way to win many followers

Technical and software sources revealed 12 magic ways to win many followers and increase the interaction on your publications on the social networking site Facebook.

The sources confirmed that the Facebook algorithm has developed a lot recently, and underwent many modifications that all aim to display the most important and relevant publications for the user.

The sources pointed out that the user should remember that increasing the interaction does not happen overnight, but rather requires time, effort and mixture of various strategies, stressing the importance of using all tricks, and experimenting with various ways to know which is better for you and your audience. Once you determine the best for you, adhere to it.

It also emphasizes the need to monitor the common trends and topics, and modify them to your content and posts based on them, as this will improve the rate of interaction with your posts and increase your number of followers.

The sources identified 12 magic ways for Facebook users, in order to obtain a lot of followers, and increase the interaction on posts on Facebook.

According to the sources, the first way to win many followers and increase the interaction on your Facebook posts, you must choose the content and formulate it in a way that suits the target group, and the diversity in publications in various fields, so that it is keeping pace with the events of real life and common topics.

While the second road, it is concentrated in choosing the most appropriate time to publish, analyzing the time in which your audience is more active on Facebook and posting at the time, and the third method emphasizes the importance of publishing an attractive image and designs alongside the content, and the images must be of high accuracy, and suicide images.

And the fourth method – according to the sources – the use of videos, being

The most interacting content is the most interactive, especially since 46% of Facebook users watch videos while browsing them, and among the videos are direct broadcasts, because it is the most brought to interaction.

The sources stipulated in this method, uploading the video directly from your computer to Facebook instead of sharing its link.

Popular jokes (entertainment content), is the fifth method, and it is an excellent way to interact with the young audience, as it brings many posts, comments and engraving.

The sixth method, the user warned against asking his fans admiration, participation and interaction, stressing that Facebook does not prefer this type of publication, and thus reduces its importance and reduces its appearance, while the seventh method advises the user to search his fans to interact in a twisted manner, and urges them to do so indirectly through Amending the formulation of the post, and this method encourages your audience to express their opinion, and the user can ask questions of meaning instead of “press the like button and comment in your opinion and do not forget to share to receive everything new.”

Among the most important magic methods, the eighth method, which is interacting with the comments on your posts, so that if your followers feel that you care about them and their opinions, you will interact with your posts more and more, the response code on their comments push them to enter again and interact with your response and this means bringing more interaction and followers on your post.

Sharing your followers’ publications is the ninth magic way, which is advised to win many followers and increase the interaction, and it indicates that this is another way to interact with your followers, which shows your followers that you are concerned with their opinions and their proposals.

It calls for the tenth method used to hold competitions and distribute symbolic prizes to show the user’s gratitude to his fans and celebrate important events with them. This method makes you earn new followers and make your current followers excited and increase the arrival of your publications.

The eleventh method, who is used for the length of its publications, warns that Internet browsers today have a short concentration period, and they will not be patient in order to complete the reading of long posts, and studies confirm that the best length of a Facebook post is 80 characters.

The twelfth and final method allows the user to reuse old publications, and says that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the re -publication of publications that have received a good interaction in the past again, this is very common in Social Media. It is a very easy way to get a similar amount of the reaction you got the first time.

The last method confirms that if you do not like to publish the same previous publications, you can choose specific ideas from these publications and reformulate them in a new and different publication, and this carries a greater opportunity to bring more interaction.



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