98% of Saudi companies adopt artificial intelligence to enhance cybersecurity
98% of Saudi companies adopt artificial intelligence to enhance cybersecurity
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  • 15 May, 2024

According to a recent Cisco study
A recent study conducted by Cisco revealed a tremendous increase in the use of artificial intelligence technologies in cybersecurity strategies for Saudi institutions. The study showed that 98% of companies participating in the survey are integrating artificial intelligence technologies into their security systems, especially in the areas of threat detection, response, and recovery. Of which.

This trend comes in light of the rise in sophisticated cyber attacks targeting Saudi companies, which range from phishing and ransomware attacks to supply chain attacks and social engineering attacks. The study indicates that Saudi companies are fully aware of these risks, and are proactively enhancing their security strategies to confront them.

Increased awareness and strong confidence in cybersecurity:

The study showed high confidence by Saudi companies in their ability to confront electronic threats, as 98% of the participating companies expressed moderate to high confidence in their cyber defense capabilities. This level of confidence reflects the increasing awareness among Saudi institutions of the importance of cyber security, and their adoption of a proactive approach to protecting… Its data and systems.

Strengthening budgets and a shortage of specialized talent:

The study showed that 99% of Saudi companies have increased their budgets allocated to cybersecurity during the past two years.

While this increase demonstrates a strong commitment to cybersecurity, the study indicates that there is a significant gap in cybersecurity skills, with 97% of Saudi companies facing a shortage of specialized competencies in this field. This deficiency poses a significant challenge to companies’ ability to effectively respond to evolving cyber threats.

Moving forward with confidence in AI and cybersecurity:

Despite the challenges, the study indicates that Saudi Arabia is on the right track to strengthen its cybersecurity.

Positive steps taken include:

Increasing adoption of artificial intelligence technologies in security systems.
Increase investments in cybersecurity budgets.
Take a proactive approach to cyber risk management.

However, the study stresses the need for continued efforts to address the cybersecurity skills gap, and calls for adopting a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that integrates advanced technologies with specialized human skills to ensure effective protection in the face of evolving cyber threats.


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