Google unveils simultaneous translation glasses that use “artificial intelligence” Ai
Google unveils simultaneous

The American company, Google, said during the “Google I / O” developers conference that it had reached a test of glasses that can display translation from other languages ​​in the user’s vision during any conversation with another person.

And Google, which is the leading company in existence as a search engine on the Internet years ago, explained that within a short time all Internet users globally will be able to search for anything by simply pointing the camera of a smartphone connected to the Internet at anything that information is required to be known.

And Google considers through its long-term vision framework, Google develops smart glasses that can display written translations automatically in the user’s vision and very quickly.

Google called this technology “text simultaneous translation”, as a video was shown to explain it during the conference without any other technical details about it, such as the default battery life, and the glasses remain externally similar to traditional glasses, but they are slightly larger.

It is noteworthy that the technology of integrating digital content into an external environment, whether by direct display through display screens or in the user’s range of vision, is known as augmented reality “AR”.
It is known that other companies such as Apple and Facebook are working on developing smart glasses using augmented reality technology.

A few years ago, the German company Bosch offered a test model of glasses that display arrows to determine directions in front of the user’s eye to help him reach his destination.

The use of artificial intelligence in light of technology remains more widely used and there are more amazing projects that use artificial intelligence to be revealed gradually.

So that man remains a consumer and the machine is productive.


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