The best application on the Internet on the phone for free 
The best application on the Internet on the phone for free 
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  • 20 July, 2022

The operation of the Internet in our time has become necessary and essential.

Do you want to run the Internet and have no balance?

Do you get tired of shipping the Internet balance or do you have money for charging?

Through this article, we will learn about running the internet for free.

  In fact, there are many applications that allow us to operate the Internet for free, but today I offer you the best wonderful application that allows us to operate the Internet for free without balance on all Android phones.

In order not to prolong you, let us get to know this application and how to use it. Follow us to the end so that you can run the Internet for free on your phone.

We know the name of the application.

The .ha Tunnel plus app

It is one of the best applications that I have tried and used personally to run the Internet for free

Follow the following steps:

First: We download the application from the link below and install it.

Application Usage

After downloading the application from the link below the article and installing it.

We open the application, after opening the application, the following screen appears:

 Which we specify the correct options for operation:

First: We select the server through the select server option

Second: We select the port and choose auto auto.

Third: We choose the slide used, i.e. the network of communication, which we choose the name of the communication network that we use.

Fourth: We press the Start button, which means expressing

Then we wait a little until it works

And when it works, the next screen appears

Which shows you the time (time period) specified for you using the Internet and next to which the Add+Time button allows you to add an extra time to use the Internet.

And every time you add a time that shows you an advertising video, you must watch the advertisement in order to add the time automatically, that is, four hours are added each time you see the ad.

Notes :

You can add time (operation time) a full day, i.e. 24 hours.

And if you encounter a problem running the application, you can open a contact page and write to us on the website’s email, and it is on the contact us page.

I will do the next article by explaining another application to operate the Internet for free, which is one of the applications that I use them personally. Stay on the follow -up of our site to know everything new to publish.


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