The 7 best apps to make money from the Internet in 2024 and earn $30 a day from your phone
The 7 best apps to make money from the Internet
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  • 24 January, 2024

In this article, I will present to you the 7 best applications for make money from the Internet in 2024 through which you can earn $30 per day from your phone. I will explain to you how to use these applications easily, and I will highlight the two best American and Arab applications for making money daily without the need for capital.

In addition, I will present to you the best applications for making money from Android and iPhone for free and without the need for experience, and I will point out the most prominent programs for making money from the Internet in Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and Algeria. If you are looking for real ways to make money remotely from your phone, I advise you to follow this article until the end.

1- To make a profit from the Money App:

The “Money App” application is one of the best applications for making money online for beginners. It is free and does not require a large capital. Through it, you can make big profits by performing various tasks, such as expressing your opinion on different programs.

2- Earn from Foap application:

Foap is another app that lets you earn money daily by selling personal photos and videos. You can also make money by marketing other people’s photos and videos. You can start using the application by downloading it to your smartphone and creating a personal profile. The application charges a 50% commission from any purchase made through it.

3- Wikibuy application:

The “Wikibuy” application is one of the leading applications in the field of making money from the Internet via a smartphone. The application provides you with the opportunity to get rewards by shopping from different stores. The application searches for the best offers and prices online, and provides you with financial savings and rewards that you can redeem. Would you like to see more applications to make money from the Internet?
Exactly, here is the continuation of the article:

4- Profit from the Robinhood application:

The “Robinhood” application is one of the applications for making money from a smartphone, but it differs in the way it works from the other applications mentioned previously. Robinhood specializes in investing, allowing users to buy small portions of stocks for small amounts. For example, if you only have $20, you can invest it in buying a small portion of the giant Google stock. Launched by Google itself, Robinhood is free and easy to sign up for. If you have $200, this app might be right for you to start investing.

5- Profit from the TikTok application:

The “TikTok” application is one of the very popular applications in the world of making money from live broadcasting. It is one of the most important and widely used social networking applications at the moment, especially among young people. You can earn dollars by sharing short and long videos. However, you should use a proper strategy to profit from TikTok. You can create live streaming videos and increase views of your content by interacting with users and getting likes.

6- Profit from the KiKi application:

The “KiKi” application has achieved great popularity in a short time in many Arab countries. The application is reliable and reliable, and you can make daily or monthly profits through it. The application’s working system is based on creating a personal page that shares high-quality videos and photos. The more active you are with comments, likes, and interaction with users, the more you will earn from the app. The minimum amount to withdraw money from the application is $70 in addition to the rewards that the application gives to users.

7- Earn money from the Upwork app:

Upwork app is a destination for highly skilled professionals who want to connect with clients to manage their projects efficiently and earn money. The application allows you to create a profile that showcases your skills and experience, and you can submit offers on different projects and negotiate wages with clients. “Upwork” is considered one of the largest freelancing platforms on the Internet, and it allows users to work remotely by providing their services in areas such as design, writing, marketing, translation, and others.


These are some of the apps you can use to make money from your smartphone. However, you must remember that success in making money from these apps requires seriousness, diligence, and perseverance. It can take time to build an audience and increase revenue, so you must be prepared to invest the necessary time and effort. It may also be helpful to look for additional resources and tips for success using these apps.


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