Journalism and artificial intelligence… impact and impact
Journalism and artificial intelligence
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  • 2 June, 2023

artificial intelligence , Technology, in its various stages of development, contributed to creating transitions that achieved impact and impact on the reality of journalism and media, as with each stage of development and progress witnessed by technological spaces, it did not reach at any of its stages the extent of dispensing with human effort, as is the case with the stage represented by artificial intelligence, in General affairs and areas of life, including the field of journalism and media.

The continuous development of technology from one period to another, was often concentrated in rehabilitating technology in a more advanced and developed way than it is, and therefore, in every period of development and progress that it reached, the human element used to spend its work and services and fulfill its desires with less effort and a short time while achieving more beneficial results and wide ranges.

For example, we take a small part of the impact of the repeated development of technology on the reality of the press and the media in its various means, forms, tools and contents, to look after that the level of ease, simplicity and comprehensiveness that it gained from the reality of the repeated technological development from one period to another, in addition to standing in front of the changes that resulted from the technology on Media article industry.

artificial intelligence

Journalism and artificial intelligence
Journalism and artificial intelligence

Looking at the series of technological development from its inception, we find that it focused in most of its cases on developing the means and the tool dedicated to transmitting and presenting the media material, meaning that the development that occurred each time was confined to the form and nature of the work of the media outlet, and left the media personality with the possibility of making, preparing and following the material, and addressing the public.

In all of those technological developments that preceded the stage of artificial intelligence, journalists were able to display their personalities and show their skills in the production of journalistic and media materials, in multiple ways, methods and templates, with great pleasure and absolute understanding. It has a vital character and attracts great attention on a larger scale, which made it, in one of the historical stages, “the First and Second World Wars”, obtain a high level of attention and thus achieve unexpected goals in the war paths.

During these periods that technology went through, it remained, in the view of experts, specialists, and institutions of the press and media, a means of communication and communication between institutions and media professionals and the audience receiving information and its details, in addition to being one of the available tools for the journalist’s attempt to connect the public with the place, nature, and atmosphere of the event. Radio and the pre-radio stage, in addition to the stage of the emergence of television and satellite channels, then the stages of smart phones, tablet computers, then laptops….etc., were changing in terms of the means of transportation and display, but the journalist remained the only one authorized to produce any journalistic material.

Recently, with the introduction of artificial intelligence in the fields of journalism and media, many began to discuss the future of journalism and those working in its fields. There are many real fears about what artificial intelligence will cause in the fields of media. Some believe that artificial intelligence will replace media employees, and some believe that artificial intelligence will represent The biggest challenge facing the survival of a large number of media institutions.
France 24 Arabic channel reported in its news tape what reinforces these trends and fears. It says, quoting Hollywood screenwriters, that a number of them fear that artificial intelligence will turn into a competitor for them, meaning that in this sense they talk about the future of their threatened business.
Earlier, Al-Jazeera channel used the experience of an automated robot in presenting the news bulletin, an automated machine that plays the role of an able broadcaster, on Al-Jazeera screen, which sparked widespread controversy in the media community, between surprised and apprehensive.

How far can these fears turn into reality with artificial intelligence?!,

Journalism and artificial intelligence
Journalism and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology appears to be a stage that differs greatly from telegraph, radio and television technology in the fields of media, especially with the enormous capabilities that characterize artificial intelligence,

And with this terrible progress of artificial intelligence in innovations of possible ways to carry out various work and tasks, a reality is created in which modern man must show his willingness to get along with it and understand the fact that artificial intelligence is a technological revolution that aims to help man perform his work and save time and effort for him, but in a way that is independent of interference. The functional will of this human, that is, by looking at the results of experiments and uses of applications and platforms of artificial intelligence, it is clear that there is a new technological stage, “artificial intelligence“, which is moving towards giving machines and applications of technology and artificial intelligence robots a state of independence from human control, to be a key partner and a difficult competitor. to the human being.


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